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Professional Security Options

Armed Security Officers

We offer armed security officers to provide an increased level of criminal deterrence & security enforcement. Criminals understand that an armed officer means more risk of committing a crime & that officer being better trained & equipped to handle and stop criminal activity from occurring. Our armed officers are required to complete extensive training & certification in firearms, taser, OC spray, baton, handcuffing, and defensive tactics.

Unarmed Security Officers

We offer unarmed security officers to provide general deterrence & observation of criminal activity. Our unarmed officers are trained to detect and deter criminal activity from occurring on our residential and commercial properties. They are idea for general security foot or vehicle patrols, manning medal detectors or gate entrances, event security, etc. where a general security presence is needed. Many times the mere presence of a uniformed officer is all that is needed to deter criminal activity from occurring.

Off-Duty Police Services

We partner with police and other law enforcement agencies to provide sworn peace officers to work security details for clients who need the additional level of protection offered by a sworn officer. These officers have full arrest authority and can intervene and handle any situation that may arise to protect both patrons and property.