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We are a full-service security company located in Lexington, KY servicing the Lexington, Louisville & Cincinnati areas & all areas in between. We offer armed & unarmed security professionals, trained to perform their duties superior to anyone in the field. Our officers a professional & competent and ready to serve you. Call us today for all of you safety & security needs!

Apartment & Condominium Communities 

We specialize in multi-family residential property patrol & security. We provide vehicle & foot patrols of your complex, enforce parking regulations, respond to resident's calls for assistance, secure pools, laundry facilities & recreation rooms, issue trespass orders to unruly guests & perform light checks. Residents will receive our 24/7 dispatch number to call for report suspicious or unruly behavior to which we will respond. Incident reports are generated every time our officers respond to a call or encounter a situation on property. A reports portal is available for the property manager, etc. to login & view every report taken on that property. 

School Security

We provide school safety officers for private schools & other educational institutions to maintain a safe environment for our future. Unfortunately, in times like we live in today, school security is no longer an option, but a necessity. All of our school safety officers complete specialized training through a nationally accredited organization to be properly trained in this type of role. Officers can man metal detectors at the entrance, patrol school buildings & grounds, work athletic & other special school events, to provide for all the safety & security needs of the school. 

Retail Security/Loss Prevention

We provide officers for retail outlets such as malls, national chain stores, convenient stores, shopping centers, etc. to deter against theft & other criminal activity. Our officers can patrol retail properties & serve as loss prevention officers inside a retail facility.  These officers can be uniformed or non-uniformed, depending on the client's preference. 

Event Security

We provide officers for events such as concerts, sporting events, festivals, carnivals/fairs, marathons, etc. Officers can man metal detectors upon entry to the event, provide crowd control, provide traffic and parking control, etc. 

Hotel Security

We provide security for hotels. Officers will provide foot patrols of the hotel property & vehicle patrols of the hotel parking lots or parking garages. Officer will answer calls for assistance from patrons, take incident reports, respond to alarms, provide welfare checks, provide escorts, etc. We can also provide door/concierge service. 

Traffic & Parking Control

We offer traffic control/flagging for road construction projects, water/sewer line repairs, pothole repair, special events, school/business/factory inbound & outbound traffic, etc. Our vehicles are equipped with traffic safety lighting to provide for a safe worksite for construction workers, motorists, etc. We all provide parking services for special events, weddings, sporting events, school functions, etc. 

Executive Protection

We offer executive protection details & escorts for celebrities, politicians, company CEOs & other VIPs. We also offer executive protection details to escort valuables from one location to another, either across town or across the country. 

Neighborhood Patrols

We work with Homeowners Associations to provide patrols for neighborhoods & communities. Officers patrol the neighborhoods in marked patrol cars, respond to calls for assistance from homeowners, observe for criminal activity & help deter it, respond to alarms, observe for open/unsure doors, windows, & garage doors, etc. Our officers can also man entrance gates in gated communities to restrict visitors entering the neighborhood. 

Factory/Warehouse Security

We provide security services to factory & warehouse facilities. Officers patrol the facility & grounds observing for security or safety issues, protecting against trespassers, respond to emergencies & alarms, complete incident reports, man gates, provide escorts, etc. 

Entertainment Venue Security

We provide security for entertainment venues such as gaming facilities, movie theaters, sports arenas/stadiums, recreational complexes, race tracks, casinos, etc.